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PR Power Installations Ltd has over 11 years’ experience of fibre optic cabling installations.

Following an increasing number of requests for optical fibre services, the Company embarked on an intensive training programme with the aim of becoming a quality fibre optic cabling specialist.

In the year 2006 following commencement of the training programme, the Company enrolled as a Corporate Member of the Fibreoptic Industry Association (FIA).

Being a prominent industry trade association, we based our training requirements on the FIA qualifications scheme.

By the year 2014, having achieved our training objectives, we were accepted by the FIA as an Accredited Installer which fully substantiated our position as a fibre optic cabling specialist.

As a fibre optic cabling specialist we are totally self-sufficient and do not enter in to subcontract work with other parties.

Due to third party certification and accreditation, both product and installation warranties are available to all.

Core Personnel

Job Descriptions

Matt Russell Managing Director
Mark Escott Project Manager
Neil Wardle Contracts Supervisor
Gary Price Site Supervisor
Anthony Lowton Fibre Optic Cabling Specialist
Shaun Wheatley Fibre Optic Cabling Specialist
Daniel Smith Fibre Optic Cabling Specialist
Mark Long Administrator