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After more than forty years of trading, the Company is still under the control and guidance of its founder and originator Pete Russell and his son, the current Managing Director, Matt Russell.

Established in 1977, PR Power Installations Ltd of Nottingham provided electrical services to many local manufacturing companies, most notably Courtaulds Clothing Ltd, Raleigh Industries Ltd and GEC Plessey Telecommunications Ltd.

The Company built successful working relationships with all three major clients which provided continuous work for many years.

However, due to the decline of the manufacturing industry during the mid-nineties, by the turn of the century only one of these clients remained.

A decision was taken to diversify our operation in to areas of expanding markets associated with our traditional works of electrical installations. Communications networks cabling was the area selected, with our aim to train to become a quality specialist well equipped to offer clients a first class service.

The decision taken was fully justified as within a few short years the Company had become a preferred telecommunications, voice and data cabling contractor with the University of Nottingham, the Nottingham Trent University and the NHS Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, and remains so to this day.

As a now well-respected business in the field of communications cabling, the Company is committed to complying with all appropriate standards and specifications, and to delivering a high level of service. We have invested heavily in training, development and equipment which we believe sets us apart from much of our competition, which in addition to the premium paid to our higher qualified employees has inflated our overheads resulting in higher operational costs. Therefore, whilst we may not be the lowest on price, our undoubted service, quality and know-how offers exceptional value for money and welcome peace of mind.